Tinycheck is an open source stalkerware detection tool mainly developped by Felix Aimé

It based on a device to which your phone will connect via the wi-fi network. During your navigation it will record a network trace. That trace will then be analyzed to detect stalkerware on your phone.

For a good and complete description, I suggest to read that arcticle : TinyCheck: Stalkerware detection that doesn’t leave a trace from MalwareBytes.

By default, at the end of the analysis, you can transfer your report to a USB stick, which is not always convenient. You need to have a USB key with you and handle the device. That’s why we have improved TinyCheck by adding a receipt printer.

This makes it much easier to transfer the report. You can download an encrypted version of your report afterwards via a QR code and a password.


Here is a short demonstration:

For any question, contact us via our form at https://foss4.eu

Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0